Star Wars Merchandise Valuable as Ever

If you’re like most people, any Star Wars merchandise you may have had was packed away in your attack or basement long before the onset of the nineties. And then when the mid- and late- nineties prequels came out, you probably remembered they were stowed away but lacked any motivation to find and unpack them…. Read more »

Sports Collectibles and What’s Hot

Alright so not every piece of sports memorabilia is going to make you rich. Of course there are the rare collectibles in circulation worth millions, like Babe Ruth’s All Star Game homerun ball or Lou Gehrig’s farewell uniform, but the number of collectors out there is what’s making collecting a hot market. And with currently… Read more »

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for These Coins

Coin collecting is a storied, traditional hobby millions of collectors around the world regularly enjoy. But just like all potential collectibles, there are valuable and not-so valuable pieces. And then there are the collectibles on a fine-line between valuable and popular. That is, the popularity is more important to the collector than the monetary value…. Read more »