Category: Trends in Collectibles

Vinyl Music Demand Skyrocketing

There has been resurgence in vinyl record collection in recent years. Many collectors swear by the warmth and depth of music on vinyl digital sound from CDs and MP3s can’t compare to. Meanwhile, less audio-sensitive vinyl collectors enjoy records for sharing the comradery with fellow collectors, being different and the entire experience involved with listening… Read more »

Sports Collectibles and What’s Hot

Alright so not every piece of sports memorabilia is going to make you rich. Of course there are the rare collectibles in circulation worth millions, like Babe Ruth’s All Star Game homerun ball or Lou Gehrig’s farewell uniform, but the number of collectors out there is what’s making collecting a hot market. And with currently… Read more »

Looking for Creative Ways to Market an Estate Sale?

At B+F Estate Sales, we have been helping clients coordinate estate sales in South Florida for OVER 30 years. We know how to assign the proper value to your items, and how to organize and present them in the most effective way possible. We’ve also learned a thing or two about marketing an estate sale…. Read more »