Looking for Creative Ways to Market an Estate Sale?

Florida Estate At B+F Estate Sales, we have been helping clients coordinate estate sales in South Florida for OVER 30 years. We know how to assign the proper value to your items, and how to organize and present them in the most effective way possible. We’ve also learned a thing or two about marketing an estate sale. In fact, we’ve got some fantastic ideas for getting the word out for your own estate sale. In an increasingly crowded market, it’s important to get creative to attract buyers.

Here’s a few tactics, some more traditional than others:

The Old Fashioned Way
Before getting too creative, it’s important to cover your traditional bases first. Depending on where you live, there are probably quite a few estate sales listed in the classified section of your local newspaper. And as long as they get listed, potential buyers will continue to use the classifieds as a resource. Just because it may seem out of fashion doesn’t mean you should toss it aside from the get-go. Besides, many of the people interested in antique items are a bit older in years. A PROFESSIONAL ESTATE SALE COMPANY WILL HANDLE LOCAL NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING FOR YOU AT THEIR EXPENSE.

High Tech
No marketing plan can be successful without embracing the power of the internet. Craigslist reigns supreme when it comes to online sales. You can even take to specific message boards, or submit an entry that highlights some of your more interesting items to a local blog. The best part about marketing online is that much of it can be done at no additional cost. A PROFESSIONAL ESTATE SALE COMPANY HAS THE CAPACITY TO OFFER A CLIENT INCREDIBLY MORE EXPOSURE, AS MANY ARE MEMBERS OF NATIONAL ESTATE SALE WEBSITES, AND PAY TO ADVERTISE CLIENTS’ SALES WITH PHOTOS AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE. THIS HELPS TO GENERATE A SUCCESSFUL TURNOUT. IN ADDITION, A PROFESSIONAL COMPANY HAS THE EXPERIENCE AND STAFF TO DEAL WITH THE CROWDS AND CONTROL YOUR SALE PROFESSIONALLY.

Neighborhood signs and flyers are other key marketing components that often get overlooked. When people are reminded of something that’s close by, they’ll be more likely to give it a shot. Just be sure that your printing and artwork looks nice and professional. Quality signs will imply a quality estate sale to potential buyers in the area. B&F ESTATE SALES HAS CUSTOM-MADE SIGNS THAT ARE PUT OUT AT KEY INTERSECTIONS AND CORNERS THE MORNING OF AN ESTATE SALE. THE CUSTOMER SHOULDN’T HAVE TO DO A THING!

LET THE PROFESSIONALS TAKE AWAY THE PAIN OF DOING IT YOURSELF. If you’re looking to hold an estate sale in the South Florida area, and want to make the most of the items you have to offer, contact B+F Estate Sales today.