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Hot Fort Lauderdale Market Means Quick-Moving Homes

Estate Sale

With nightlife that never sleeps, beautiful ocean views, gorgeous country clubs, and nearly endless shopping choices and restaurants, the Fort Lauderdale market is booming, which is good news for anyone looking to sell an estate in the region. Fort Lauderdale is booming with excitement, deep rich culture, numerous amenities for individuals and families and, of… Read more »

More of the Most Valuable Collectibles

There are plenty of old toys in circulation worth tens of thousands of dollars. Many of the potential fortune-fetching collectibles are little more than nondescript children’s’ toys. Some may even be collecting dust in your attic as you read this. Here are a few of the most expensive toys and collectibles your kids or grandchildren… Read more »

The Truth behind Estate Sales

When embarking on a divorce, trying to dig yourself out of debt or are focused on downsizing your worldly possessions, estate sales are a great option. They will help you recover some of your losses and give you new beginnings. But there are some things you should expect before contacting an established estate sale company…. Read more »