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B & F Estate Sales
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 18 reviews
by Susan Natkow on B & F Estate Sales

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences you
can go through, so if you find great people who can help
you, consider yourself fortunate!
Bonnie was extremely experienced and professional on
every level, and I couldn’t have gotten through the move without
help.She was wonderful to have on your side!!!
So do not hesitate to call B & F Sales for any of your moving

by Sharon Fisher on B & F Estate Sales
Trustworthy and Responsive

Bonnie was an absolute joy to work with. She was my trusted agent, my eyes and ears, and advocate in getting my deceased aunt’s apartment cleared out. Being out of town, I would never have been able to get this accomplished without Bonnie. She went out of her way to ensure that no detail was overlooked. If you have an estate to manage or a property to sell, you will not find anyone better than B&F Estate Sales.

by Michelle on B & F Estate Sales
The Best

Bonnie simply is the best. Professional, honest, fair, enjoys what she does and respects the memories that our loved ones attach to objects. Bonnie has made a difficult transition manageable, and we are so thankful to have found her.

by jayne deluca on B & F Estate Sales

Everything can be an issue when you live out-of-state and need to settle a loved ones estate. Miss Bonnie is an angle. Because of her years of experience she has many contacts (with experience) who will help you settle even the smallest promblem. I live up north and I guarentee you, you will be able to walk away from a difficult situation and know it was handled the best way possible

by Jayne DeLuca on B & F Estate Sales

If you come to this website in need of help, look no further. I am from out-of-state and my brother died leaving me to pick-up the pieces for my family.Bonnie is a God send. Her knowledge and efficiency made a bad situation do-able. Bonnie has helped me with each process of the courts, to settle my brothers estate. When I was thrown into this situation Bonnie gave me peace-of-mind that she could help solve any problems should they arise. She has many years of Wisdom backed-up by many years of work

by Barbara on B & F Estate Sales

Absolutely the best! B & F are honest, reputable, and extremely fair to both the buyers and sellers. I have been a customer for many years, and have found them to be trustworthy Definitely an A+ in my book!!

by Cory Haibloom on B & F Estate Sales
No other agent would go so above and beyond

We recently flew to Florida to bring my mother-in-law back with us to California so that she could live nearby in assisted living. Based on great reviews and a very good feeling after an initial phone conversation, we asked Bonnie to handle the sale of the house and the items within it, as she promised that she would take care of all of the details, enabling us to focus on getting Mom ready to come back with us to California.

We arrived to find a hoarder house that was grossly infested with bed bugs, and so cluttered and disorganized that even finding many important papers became an impossible task. Things were in such poor condition that we feared we would have to surrender the house back to the bank, rather than bring Mom back with a nice little nest egg in her bank account.

Despite the nightmarish conditions, Bonnie and her team were true to their word. They cleaned out the house (four dumpsters worth!), found a buyer who was willing to handle the bedbug problem, and somehow managed to sell the house at a small profit for Mom. Any other realtor would have walked away from this disaster, but Bonnie stuck with us, worked with us, kept us informed, and managed to get us through it.

Anyone looking for someone to manage their estate sale or the sale of their home would be hard pressed to find anyone with more experience, professionalism, or commitment to their client. We could not recommend her enough.

by Peter Hamalian on B & F Estate Sales
Bonnie is the Bomb!

My Mom passed away and since my brother and I live in other states, we needed the help of an Estate Sale Professional. Bonnie at B&F had great reviews so we met and decided to go with her. She made this difficult time much less stressful for us. Bonnie is an HONEST and trustworthy professional. She was there for us the whole way, and her fees are very fair. I cannot recommend B&F enough. They were fantastic. Thank you Bonnie!

by Jason VanOra on B & F Estate Sales
Went well beyond the call of duty!

Bonnie and her team are AMAZING. Following the sudden and unexpected death of our father, B&F immediately began preparing to sell his apartment, as well as everything else remaining in the estate. With great efficiency, they oversaw the cleaning, carpeting, and painting of the apartment, as well as transfer of the car title into our names. They advertised both the apartment and other items from the estate in a variety of outlets and always worked tirelessly to negotiate the best price for us.

But they did more than that. When the cable company continued charging us, despite the fact that we had cancelled the service and returned the equipment, B&F took care of it and ensured that we never received another bill. When the utilities in our father's apartment were shut off unexpectedly, B&F called the electric company and had them turned on again. When the thermostat broke, B&F had it fixed. And it is worth acknowledging that B&F fronted the costs on almost everything we needed to do in order to prepare our father's apartment for sale.

It is truly thanks to B&F that my brother and I were able to return to our lives in NYC, go back to work, and contend emotionally with the loss of our father. B&F literally took care of everything else.

I tell everyone in NYC that B&F are so much more than an excellent Estate Sales Company- they were truly post-death caretakers for us. We never would have survived this loss and moved forward without their incredible guidance and support.

by Barbara C on B & F Estate Sales
Good Hands

Shortly after my mother died, Bonnie came to her apartment in Sunrise to begin the process of selling her apartment. She explained the whole process, took photos, arranged for someone to clean out the apt, gave us the name of an excellent attorney and had the apt listed very soon after we met. We spoke a number of times before the apt was sold and she always was kind, respectful and very knowledgeable. She never acted annoyed when I texted or phoned with questions and always got back to me promptly. Even though I live in NY I knew the apt was in good hands! I recommend her highly.

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