Determining the Value of Artwork

To the untrained eye, trying to gauge the actual value of artwork can feel like a fool’s errand.  Art is subjective by nature, and ascertaining which pieces are valuable, and which only hold sentimental value can be a slippery slope. A misevaluation of a particular piece could lead to unfavorable financial ramifications.  There are countless… Read more »

Benefits of Using An Experienced Real Estate Agent

In the age of the Internet, homebuyers and sellers feel more empowered than ever to handle things on their own. But in many ways, having an experienced real estate agent to sift through this overflow of information is more valuable than ever. Here’s why. You can trust their expertise By immersing themselves in the industry,… Read more »

Most Popular Coins To Collect

At B&F Estate Sales, we pride ourselves on running smooth and successful estate sales and liquidations in Ft. Lauderdale and the surrounding areas. This takes an intimate and constantly shifting knowledge of what certain items are worth to others. Coins, with their passionate community of collectors, are often a hot item at sales. Here are some… Read more »