Hot Collectibles for 2014

The market for collectibles is like any other: it changes from year to year. So what’s hot in 2013 could be old news this year. Collecting can not only be a good investment, but it is an art form all its own, and a lot of fun. If you are a collector, or interested in… Read more »

Reasons for an Estate Sale

Estate sales generally occur after a loved one passes away. Often times, the deceased’s relatives and friends don’t know what to do with all their stuff, so it makes sense to hire a professional company to handle what was left behind. B&F Estate Sales, for example, is a company that specializes in holding successful estate… Read more »

Why You Should Get an Appraisal Before Selling Your Home

Is an appraisal worth the time and money if you’re selling your home? Yes, it is. A professional, licensed appraiser will alert you to key things you can do to increase the value of your home before putting up a for sale sign.  For example, making a few affordable repairs can help increase your asking… Read more »