How Do You Know if an Antique is Valuable?

27688999_S Antiques.  The mere sound of the word gets people thinking of money, possibly big money.  You might own an antique item that could be worth a lot, or so you think.  That’s the problem; a lot of people may dig up an old item out of their closet and immediately think it’s valuable, but it turns out to be old junk for lack of better words.  So how do you know if an old item you own really is worth more than sentimental value?

One of the first things you should consider is how rare the item is.  Generally speaking, items that were masse produced will not be as valuable items that were manufactured in low numbers.  Put simply, if there aren’t many models of a particular valued item lying around, then your piece could fetch you a decent payday.

In addition, if the item you own was a special model or number from a brand or artist, then you could have a valuable item.  For example, if a company is known for a particular and consistent item, but for just one year they released a special line that came in a different shape, size and/or color, then that item could be valuable.

Another aspect that determines the value of items is the condition of the piece.  If the item is tarnished, withered, eroded or unappealing, then it may be hard to land the price that’s floating around in your mind.  In some instances, the item may be rare enough that you are able to sell at a decent price despite its subpar condition, but those occurrences are few and far between.  That said, it might be wise to see if there is anything you can do to fix or improve the look of your piece; however, you should avoid touching the item until you have an expert look at it, which brings us to our next point.

Perhaps the most important part of gauging the value of a particular item is having it authenticated by an expert. To use an obvious example, most people know how valuable Monet paintings are, and although they are uniquely appealing, there are plenty of talented artists that could render a painting that looks identical to the original.  Fortunately, an expert appraiser would be able to quickly diagnose its fraudulence, ensuring a buyer does not pay for a “knock off.’’  Once an expert is able to research the item and verify its authenticity, you will understand exactly what you have on your hands, and if it is truly an original.

For people wondering about the value of an antique or other item in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area, consider having the professional appraisers at B&F Estate Sales examine your item.  Their expertise, experience and professional contacts will ensure you’ll find out whether your item is worth something, or if it should be sent to the box with “miscellaneous junk” scribbled on the side.