Hot or not? Is my artwork valuable?

Every artist would like to think his or her artwork is hot (valuable). Unfortunately, it’s not always the case.

While we always recommend having any or all of the artwork appraised, we have compiled a list of questions, with the help of The Akron Art Museum, for you to answer before doing so.

1. Is it original?

Are you certain you have the original painting or sculpture? Many times, original artwork will be signed or be numbered. Even if neither is the case, it doesn’t necessarily mean your artwork is worthless.

2. Can you identify the artist?

Make sure you examine the artwork thoroughly to try to identify the artist. Keep in mind that markings, initials, signatures and any other identifiable inscriptions may not be in obvious places. Check the bottom, sides, and if you have framed or lined artwork, you may want to enlist the help of a professional so you don’t damage the work.

If you can identify the artist, you’ll have a much easier time determining whether the artwork is valuable. There are various on and off line places to consult and learn more, not only about the artist, but also about other artwork that might be of value. This will also give you a better idea of the value of your piece.

3. Is it in great condition?

Ask yourself the following questions:

• Is there any visible damage?
• Are there any visible areas that need repair?
• Is it clean or dirty?
• Is the color faded?

Despite the answers to these questions, a dirty or faded piece of artwork could still have some value. Don’t attempt to restore or fix anything without the guidance of a professional, or else you could destroy a priceless piece of artwork!

4. Where did you get the artwork?

Did you inherit the artwork? Did you get the artwork from the artist, a dealer, gallery or auction? And do you have any documentation about the artwork – where is it from and where has it been? These will help give a better idea as to the value it may hold.

Once you’ve done some of the initial research, take it to a professional appraiser for his or her opinion. They’ll be able to give you some more insight and point you in the right direction.

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