How To Keep Antique Furniture in Prime Condition

While some people leave old, antique furniture in dusty or damp basements and attics, others pay special attention to keeping their older furniture in prime condition, with the thought that it may be worth something to someone someday. Oftentimes antique furniture can be well-preserved over the years just by cleaning it once in a while…. Read more »

Hot or not? Is my artwork valuable?

Every artist would like to think his or her artwork is hot (valuable). Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. While we always recommend having any or all of the artwork appraised, we have compiled a list of questions, with the help of The Akron Art Museum, for you to answer before doing so. 1. Is… Read more »

How Do You Know if an Antique is Valuable?

Antiques.  The mere sound of the word gets people thinking of money, possibly big money.  You might own an antique item that could be worth a lot, or so you think.  That’s the problem; a lot of people may dig up an old item out of their closet and immediately think it’s valuable, but it… Read more »