Sell Your Silver and Gold to B+F Estate Sales

As inflation hits the United States with a hard punch, taxpayers are becoming creative for acquiring more money. As prices for food and energy rise, the cost of the American dollar weakens, causing our nation to struggle at high peaks. The cost of gold and silver has reached shockingly high prices since 1993. According to… Read more »

Storms, Trends, and Toys

Our antiques are often our most cherished possessions, intimately connecting us with the grandmother we never knew or the father who stayed away.  If God forbid, they are lost or broken, we’re heartbroken.  In terms of antiques, nature and weather may be two of our greatest enemies.  A flash flood or hurricane can ruin a… Read more »

Political memorabilia always a hot commodity

No matter who you voted for a few weeks ago, collectors can agree on this: there will always be a market for political memorabilia. Whether you’re a history buff or just interested in politics, older, and even newer political pins, bumper stickers, signs, and even apparel can be worth money to collectors looking to find… Read more »