Storms, Trends, and Toys

Our antiques are often our most cherished possessions, intimately connecting us with the grandmother we never knew or the father who stayed away.  If God forbid, they are lost or broken, we’re heartbroken.  In terms of antiques, nature and weather may be two of our greatest enemies.  A flash flood or hurricane can ruin a roomful of cherished possessions.   While it may seem inconsequential to mention, Superstorm Sandy did affect many families’ antiques.

In Jonathan Greenstein’s recent article in the Huffington Post, “Protecting Your Antiques…Before the Storm,” Greenstein offers a few pointers how to protect those special items.  He writes, “First, when you hear about an evacuation order, if there is time to safely place your antiques in an unaffected location, that’s always the best.” As the owner of an auction house, Greenstein is undoubtedly knowledgeable about Stuffed santa and reineersantiques and his pointers are very enlightening.  The article is definitely worth a read.

The weather, much like trends, can be rather unpredictable.  Holidays, however, provide a bit more consistency in terms of antiques.  Vintage toys and dolls are always popular this time of the year.  Speaking of vintage toys, a time capsule of toys, including tricycles and scooters, was recently unearthed at a Georgia school.  Check out the article and video, courtesy of WCSH6 Portland.