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What’s The Difference Between An Estate Sale And A Garage Sale?

an antique blue teas et and fine China set on a table with a lace tablecloth

Many people use the terms “Estate Sale” and “Garage Sale” interchangeably; however, several key differences set the two apart. Below we will go over the main differences and provide helpful links! Garage Sales Are More Casual Garage sales are a common way for people to declutter, downsize, or get rid of any unwanted or unneeded… Read more »

Service Vs. Self: Reasons To Go With An Estate Sale Service

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If you’re planning an estate sale, you are likely in a position where it needs to be done as soon as possible. This time constraint can make you feel rushed and stressed, resulting in things like incorrect pricing or imperative details being overlooked. Estate sale services are a great way to ensure everything is handled… Read more »

The Value of Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

The next time you reach for the salt and pepper shakers to add a bit of extra flavor to your dinner, consider this: The shape of the shakers you’re using is likely part of a long and storied history of shakers, dating back to 18th century England. Some collectors out there may be familiar with… Read more »