What’s The Difference Between An Estate Sale And A Garage Sale?

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Many people use the terms “Estate Sale” and “Garage Sale” interchangeably; however, several key differences set the two apart. Below we will go over the main differences and provide helpful links!

Garage Sales Are More Casual

Garage sales are a common way for people to declutter, downsize, or get rid of any unwanted or unneeded items before a move. From start to finish, whoever is putting on the garage sale is responsible for every part of it, from pricing to clean up. In addition to making money, a primary goal is to get rid of unnecessary items; so, once the day is done, whatever isn’t sold is typically tossed out or donated.


Held outside in a yard or driveway, garage sales are an all-day event. Mostly they are one-day only, but sometimes they are two-day events. They are open to anyone, whether it’s neighbors or people passing through.

Quality of Goods and Pricing

While there certainly are some hidden gems at garage sales, they typically are filled with less-than-great furniture, technologically obsolete media, and clothes that haven’t been worn in years.

Pricing can be very loose at a garage sale. As the day goes on, the hosts may begin offering deals or marking down items that are hard to sell. Some garage sale hosts are very open to haggling on prices or deals. Seasoned garage sale attendees will come around as the day winds down, knowing that people are desperate to get rid of an item.

Estate Sales Are Curated and Professional

Estate sales are often the result of the death of a loved one. As such, a higher level of tact, respect, and professionalism is expected and required at estate sales. They are often put on to help offset other costs or expenses, or it may be a liquidation sale. Estate sales are put on by a team of professionals who handle everything.


They are held at the estate, meaning inside the home. Typically, items are displayed throughout the home. Estate sales can be open, or they can be by invitation only. Estate sales are typically a two-day event, beginning on Saturday and ending on Sunday.

Tip:  At B & F Estate Sales, we have a network of buyers who we can show any unsold items to, as well as a national marketplace, to ensure your items find a good home.

Quality of Goods and Pricing

Estate sales tend to have high-quality goods- many estates have antique jewelry, vintage furniture, or well-kept clothes. Your estate sale company will handle the appraisal and pricing of your goods. People will try to haggle; however, your estate sale team will clarify that pricing is firm and final.

Garage sales and estate sales exist for different reasons. However, if you are an executor and were thinking of doing a simple garage sale, we urge you to reconsider. In a challenging time, you deserve support and time to process. Estate sales can alleviate pressure and stress, and our team of professionals will do everything in their power to assist you.

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