Lighthouse Point

B & F Estate Sales combines our expertise with real estate services and estate tag sale services in Lighthouse Point, Florida to provide you with everything that you need to sell your property and belongings quickly and at a fair price. We have experience in selling valuable antiques as well as exceptional real estate, so we can help you sell your antiques and your real estate faster and often for more than simply selling on your own. With estate tag sale services and complete real estate services in Lighthouse Point, Florida all under one roof, we’re your one-stop shop to take care of cleaning our an estate or selling off unwanted property and items.

When you work with B & F Estate Sales, you can trust that your estate sale will be completely organized and well managed. You will work with our experienced, helpful real estate and estate sale experts to take care of every detail in one place.

Before selling your real estate, you must first empty the house of anything not included in the sale. For those with collections, antiques or other valuable assets, this can present a challenge. We understand that you want to get a fair price for your items and we also understand that taking the time to identify, list, price and sell each one of these items amounts to time and energy that can be better spent elsewhere. We have experts specialized in estate tag sale services in Lighthouse Point, Florida and local, knowledgeable real estate professionals who will work with you to sell your items and your real estate simultaneously. You don’t have to go through multiple services and work with different brokers – with B & F Estate Sales, every aspect of your estate sale is handled under one roof, from the smallest items to the home and property itself.

Learn more about estate tag sale and real estate listing services in Lighthouse Point to find out how you can get a fair price for your valuable items. Contact B & F Estate Sales today by calling 954-401-2222 to make an appointment.