Coral Springs

If you have a collection of antiques or other valuable items that you cannot take with you when you sell your estate, you may find yourself looking for antique dealers and other experts to sell your items.

At B & F Estate Sales, our home liquidators and Real Estate Experts provide complete estateĀ  services in Coral Springs and throughout South Florida. When it comes to selling large estates in a short time or selling a wide variety of valuable items, our experts will take great care to get you the best price for each item and help you get the right selling price for your real estate.

We are experienced Antique Dealers and Real Estate Team working with clients on every kind of timeline and selling at all price points to help them get the most out of your most valuable assets. While it is easy to focus on your home and real estate, it is also important to get the right price for the items that you have spent time and energy acquiring. These collectibles and antiques represent a large investment on your part, and you want to get a fair price for these items. We understand that, and when you work with B & F Estate Sales, our team will work to provide fast and convenient home liquidation, including cleanout services, at your property in Coral Springs, Florida. We will organize auctions, tag sales, online marketing and other advertising to present your valuables and your real estate in the most efficient and effective way to move it quickly and for the best price possible.

Whether you have a small estate with a few especially valuable items or you have a large estate with an expansive collection of antiques and property, contact B & F Estate Sales today to speak with our home liquidators. We can walk you through the process of selling your estate and discuss options for home cleanouts, auctions and sales. Give us a call at 954-401-2222 today to discuss your Coral Springs property.