Political memorabilia always a hot commodity

No matter who you voted for a few weeks ago, collectors can agree on this: there will always be a market for political memorabilia.

Whether you’re a history buff or just interested in politics, older, and even newer political pins, bumper stickers, signs, and even apparel can be worth money to collectors looking to find that unique piece for their collection.

Photo credit: LoriFerber

Back in the 1800’s, presidential campaigns put their names on a variety of different products to advertise, things no president today would even dare. During President Harrison’s campaign in the 1840’s, he put his name on Old Cabin Whiskey. Could you imagine Barack Obama putting his name on a bottle of Colt 45 this past October? But

unique pieces like that are very valuable and could be a hidden gem for those who go to Florida estate sales.

Recently, Florida has become a major battleground state. Think of Bush-Gore, an election that was all but decided in Florida and was scrutinized heavily for the way the state conducted its ballots. Sometimes, Gore memorabilia might be worth more because the way the election unfolded, with hanging chad ballots costing him the election.

You don’t know what we’ll find in an attic, but with Florida becoming a political hotspot, you can guarantee more political pieces showing up at Florida real estate sales. It might be worth it to take a peek and see what people are keeping.