Sell Your Silver and Gold to B+F Estate Sales

Golden BricksAs inflation hits the United States with a hard punch, taxpayers are becoming creative for acquiring more money. As prices for food and energy rise, the cost of the American dollar weakens, causing our nation to struggle at high peaks.

The cost of gold and silver has reached shockingly high prices since 1993. According to a recent article by The Washington Times, “In January of 1993, one ounce of gold cost $329. An ounce of silver was just over $5. An ounce of gold today will cost you about $1,700, while an ounce of silver will cost you about (31.00).”

If you’re looking to trade in your old gold and silver, we will buy it from you confidentially and discretely. Don’t go to a pawn shop or jewelry store. We will come to your home, asses the value of your gold, silver, and any other items worth value, and pay you what your items are worth.

A popular item people like to sell is their inherited silverware. People just don’t use this high-class dinnerware anymore and it’s more feasible to sell it and collect cash, rather than have it sit around and collect dust. In fact, the silverware could possibly depreciate in value if the silver gets tarnished or ruined over time. Call B+F Estate Sales and we’ll come in and buy your gold and silver off you.