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Rare Finds in the Strangest Places

When you’re purchasing a piece of real estate or attending an estate sale, you never really know what you might find. However, if you have a little bit of luck and a lot of good timing, you may just uncover a truly remarkable treasure. For example, a few plumbers who were hired to renovate a… Read more »

More of the Most Valuable Collectibles

There are plenty of old toys in circulation worth tens of thousands of dollars. Many of the potential fortune-fetching collectibles are little more than nondescript children’s’ toys. Some may even be collecting dust in your attic as you read this. Here are a few of the most expensive toys and collectibles your kids or grandchildren… Read more »

The Most Expensive Collectibles in the World

It’s pretty typical for the average American home to have an attic or basement full of indiscernible junk. Everything from boxes of records to crates of comic books to drawers full of old stamp collections pack storage areas in the country from coast to coast. But before you decide to toss it all, you may… Read more »