Rare Finds in the Strangest Places

Rare ItemsWhen you’re purchasing a piece of real estate or attending an estate sale, you never really know what you might find. However, if you have a little bit of luck and a lot of good timing, you may just uncover a truly remarkable treasure.

For example, a few plumbers who were hired to renovate a bathroom in a home in Canada uncovered a gold brick that turned out to be worth $50,000. Though they were surely tempted to pocket the gold brick, the plumbers alerted the owners about what they found. As it turns out, the owners had been missing the brick for some time and it was uncovered from its hiding place beneath the bathtub during the plumbers’ work. It’s definitely a fluke occurrence, but just goes to show that especially in older homes, there’s a storied history in the stuff that has accumulated.

For example, when some bathrooms in older homes are renovated, some contractors have reported finding piles of razor blades behind the wall. This is because years ago, contractors used to cut a small hole in the wall behind the bathroom sink where men would discard their used razor blades. The blades would sit untouched between the wall and the frame until someone came along to update the home’s plumbing.

Other workers and treasure seekers have reported other equally exceptional finds in garage sales, estate sales and home renovations. As The Fiscal Times reports in a collection of remarkable garage sale finds, some lucky buyers and renovators have found items from stock certificates that were purchased for $5 many years ago that are worth $130 million today to collectible records that are worth as much as $155,000.

All this also goes to show that whether you’re packing up years of collected items in your basement or clearing out a deceased family member’s home, you should call a professional to come in and help appraise any items of interest. B&F Real Estate offers a comprehensive range of on-site estate sale services for this very purpose. Our experienced appraisers and estate sale experts will coordinate with you throughout the whole process, from examining and tagging your items to advertising for an estate sale and holding an auction. We work diligently to help you get the most for your belongings or estate sale items.

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