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Valuable Toys from your Attic

Products of the eighties are now considered collectible, especially toys. Since the era of Stretch Armstrong, Micro Machines and Cabbage Patch Dolls, much has changed. And enough time has passed for them to be of value. Moreover, there are many more collectibles than you may think.   The decade with improvements in game consoles thanks… Read more »

Collectible Comic Books; which are Worth What

Comic book collecting is an American collector’s favorite past time. But honestly, most old comic books aren’t worth much. But even in subpar condition- when sold in collections- you could always find the right buyer. But just like every type of collecting, there is exceptional items worth a bit more than the typical counterpart.  … Read more »

Star Wars Merchandise Valuable as Ever

If you’re like most people, any Star Wars merchandise you may have had was packed away in your attack or basement long before the onset of the nineties. And then when the mid- and late- nineties prequels came out, you probably remembered they were stowed away but lacked any motivation to find and unpack them…. Read more »