Valuable Toys from your Attic

Products of the eighties are now considered collectible, especially toys. Since the era of Stretch NESArmstrong, Micro Machines and Cabbage Patch Dolls, much has changed. And enough time has passed for them to be of value. Moreover, there are many more collectibles than you may think.

The decade with improvements in game consoles thanks to Nintendo Entertainment System and what it meant to collect dolls with GI Joes includes quite the resume when it comes to action figures, toy cars and fantasy worlds.

A few of the heavy hitters include the Master of the Universe “Eternia” battleground set which was recently valued at $17,000 and the GI Joe “Motorized Battle Tank” which could fetch upward of $7,000. But if you are among the not-so-lucky to have $25,000 in toys sitting around in your attic, there are more realistic collectibles you are more likely to find when spring cleaning.

Transformers are apparently a good thing to have around, especially if you never opened the box. That’s because the Autobot Optimus Prime and his arch nemesis the Decepticon Megatron can get you close to $1,000. And if they’re still in the original packaging, you’re probably going to get closer to $2,000.

An original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in its original packaging will also get you quite the hefty dollar of close to $2,000. But if you were like most of the world and actually took yours out of the box to play it, don’t fear; a working, clean, intact NES could still get you around $500.

But if your 80’s toys are more of a quantity collection, the possibilities are endless. Remember Garbage Pal Kids? Those cards and their disgusting graphics are pretty valuable nowadays, especially in a collection. Matchbox car collections could also get you well over $1,000,000, believe it or not. You can also count on any original Barbie dolls from the 80’s getting you at least $100.