Tag: Planning an Estate Sale

How to Work with an Estate Sale Professional

vintage jewelry at an estate sale

When looking for some help in running your upcoming estate sale, you may want to turn to the professionals. Hiring an estate sale company will help you be as hands-off as possible throughout the process, taking the responsibilities completely off of your shoulders. And no matter the situation, an estate sale company will be able… Read more »

Estate Sale Pricing Guide

antique silver pots and utensils at an estate sale

Even if you are working with an estate sale company, learning about how your items are valued and priced can help you understand the process better. What can affect estate sale pricing? There are a few key factors that can influence the price of an estate sale item: Timing: When you choose to hold your… Read more »

Tips for Choosing an Estate Sale Professional

meeting with an estate sale company

When you’re facing a future estate sale, it’s essential that you develop a plan. That’s where a professional estate sale company can help—but keep in mind, not all companies are the same. Here are some tips to help you choose the right estate sale company for you: By conducting a quick search online, you will… Read more »