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Finding Treasures in your Grandmother’s Jewelry Box

Going to grandma’s house is always a highlight for grandchildren, at least in my family. Not only did we get away with things we couldn’t at home, there were always treasures all over the house. From playing dress up with her old dresses, to trying on her antique jewelry, nothing has ever measured up to… Read more »

From clutter to cash

The death of a family member can be very stressful. It’s not just the death that’s the hardest part, though; it’s the responsibility that comes after the death — like the responsibility of the estate. Let’s face it. Grandparents or older parents like to hold on to things — a lot of things that you… Read more »

Political memorabilia always a hot commodity

No matter who you voted for a few weeks ago, collectors can agree on this: there will always be a market for political memorabilia. Whether you’re a history buff or just interested in politics, older, and even newer political pins, bumper stickers, signs, and even apparel can be worth money to collectors looking to find… Read more »