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Do you Have These Records?

Record collectors are an increasingly targeted market. It is increasingly rarer to have a record collection, with fewer and fewer people investing their time and money in the antiquated technology. But this doesn’t change the fact vinyl records once dominated the sound recording industry and there are still millions of presses in circulation. Of these… Read more »

More of the Most Valuable Collectibles

There are plenty of old toys in circulation worth tens of thousands of dollars. Many of the potential fortune-fetching collectibles are little more than nondescript children’s’ toys. Some may even be collecting dust in your attic as you read this. Here are a few of the most expensive toys and collectibles your kids or grandchildren… Read more »

The Truth behind Estate Sales

When embarking on a divorce, trying to dig yourself out of debt or are focused on downsizing your worldly possessions, estate sales are a great option. They will help you recover some of your losses and give you new beginnings. But there are some things you should expect before contacting an established estate sale company…. Read more »