Hot Collectibles for 2014

Hot CollectiblesThe market for collectibles is like any other: it changes from year to year. So what’s hot in 2013 could be old news this year. Collecting can not only be a good investment, but it is an art form all its own, and a lot of fun. If you are a collector, or interested in starting a collection, here are a few ideas for what’s hot in 2014.

Political Memorabilia

Usually political items are produced in such large quantity that they are not very desirable. But really old items are always in demand. Invitations to inaugurals and inaugural dinners are wonderful to collect. Badges and buttons from the 1700’s are as well. Some devoted collectors came upon buttons from the 1789 inauguration of George Washington that can be sold for as much as $5,000.


Typewriters have always been very collectible, but with the popularity of the television show Mad Men, vintage ones are more prized than ever. In fact anything from that era is considered highly collectible. Desk sets, and telephones, furniture and even clothes are considered collectibles.


American made vintage guitars are selling at low prices right now, which make them a good investment. Musical instruments have been popular for a long time, but vintage guitars are “in” in 2014. The Gibson Les Paul Gold Top from 1952 sells from $23,000 to $26,000 now. And other Fender and Gibson vintage guitars are also good investments. Autographed ones are particularly valuable.

Comic Books

Comic books are highly collectible, but original cover art from the 1990’s is very popular right now. Of course, comic books that debut the appearances of such characters as Superman and Batman have always brought good prices.

Treasure Chests

Painted, early 19th century blanket chests are dotting the collectible landscape too. They are fine pieces of furniture that can be used in living rooms and bedrooms, as coffee tables and for storage. They are considered versatile as home decor as they have clean lines and fit into most styles of home furnishings.

While “hot” collectibles change from year to year, and the investment values of certain items vary, collecting for its own sake is still a wonderful hobby. Scarcity is the rule of thumb. The least available pieces are always sold for the most. Do your research and enjoy the time you spend looking for things to collect.

That said, the best way to determine whether or not your items are in high demand is to have an expert appraise their worth.  B & F Estate Sales has provided countless clients with an accurate gauge of their item’s market value, and they can help you find a buyer interested in your possessions.  For more information, give them a call at (954) 401-2222.