Call in the Pros on Your Collections

collectible magazinesMore than just a common comic, Mad Magazine was a mainstay through many of our childhoods. A great relief from the pressures of adolescence, if you every wanted to enjoy a spoof on pop culture there was no better option than picking up some good ol’ Alfred E Newman. But nowadays the right issues are worth much more than just a laugh.

Chances are if you read any Mad Magazine, you read many issues of Mad Magazine. Which means you might just have an attic full of these comical gems. But what good are they doing just taking up space and collecting dust anyhow? Plus you already read them all from cover to cover. But you might want to consider the value of your collection before tossing them.

Just like any collector’s item, there are degrees of value. The first issue of Mad Magazine in mint condition, for example, could fetch you upwards of $6,000. Meanwhile Mad Magazine issue #17 can get you upward of $2,000, it being the debut of the magazine’s fictional mascot, Alfred E Newman. It wasn’t until issue 21 from March of 1955 when his likeness graced the magazine cover, an issue that can still get you a sound return on your original investment of $1.29.

Don’t get too excited just because you might have a box full of the magazines in your attic or basement. For every valuable issue of Mad, there are thousands of common copies. And just like other collectibles, regardless of the original media or issue number, the condition counts for a lot. Even the first issue could be worth next to nothing if it’s tattered and torn.

Doing your own research on your collectibles is a good start, but won’t get you any definite answers. Enlisting the services of an estate expert is an invaluable means for determining if your collection is worth anything. The number of cases whereby average people find small fortunes stored in their home is astounding; find out if you’re one of them.