What’s Hot in Record Collecting Trends

vinyl recordsVinyl records are among the most sought after collectibles today. But record collecting is a much more volatile market than you might think; what’s hot and trending today might not be tomorrow. Music trends wane and wax quicker than you can say “letting the record the skip.” Knowing how to stay on top of these will give you a clearer picture of what your collection may be worth.
Much like vinyl records themselves, many music genres were written off as dead fads. When the 80’s came along, and the cassette tape broke on the scene, the music industry pretty much halted pressing vinyl records. All but the most avid of music listeners accepted the cassette tape- and soon thereafter the compact disc- as the new order. But there were a select few who weren’t so accepting of the new audio medium.
For the majority who scrapped their vinyl records, in great part for the convenience and portability the new technology afforded, there were many who recognized the recording superiority in classic vinyl. Compact disc recording, especially, had lacking analog recording quality with distorted high end sound and a limited range.
Without question, this principle is applicable to the resurgence in vinyl record collecting we have witnessed in recent years. But just like every kind of collectible, there are items more in demand than others. A 1976 Ford Pinto just isn’t as worth as much as a 1976 Cadillac of similar condition. Likewise, you aren’t going to score as much for a Minnie Riperton Greatest Hits as you will for a mint condition original press of Led Zeppelin IV.
There are a few things that may tell you you’re sitting on a valuable record collection. For starters, colored and vinyl with album art on the actual record are hot commodities to record collectors. These are usually an indication of a collector’s edition, especially for older presses. Also, 45rpm singles have made resurgence in popularity, so if you are sitting on a bunch of these, you may have a collection of value. Always popular are records of popular, pioneer artists, such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who.
These are a few tips on how to get a better understanding of what is sought after by record collectors today. Ultimately, however, leaving the assessment of your record collection to professional estate sellers will help you get the best picture of your collection value.