If you are ready to sell your estate, it is important to turn to experts in real estate as well as experts in antiques, collectibles, and other valuables. B & F Estate Sales combines these services under one roof, so you can work with one trusted expert for your entire estate sale.

We are home liquidators providing a wide range of estate services that cover every need for our clients in Sunrise, Florida. We work with the most valuable properties and estates in the country, as well as niche items and smaller properties, to ensure every homeowner gets a fair price for all of their items.

When you are selling your estate or an estate you have inherited, it is easy to overlook the valuables in the home and focus on the real estate itself. This often causes homeowners and property owners to sell their collectibles and antiques for less than their actual value. B & F Estate Sales focuses on each individual item as well as the property, helping to ensure you get the best price for all of your assets. Our home liquidators provide specialized estate services in Sunrise, Florida including antique and collectible sales across a variety of outlets to help you get the right price on an efficient timeline. We will also take care of the marketing and advertising of your home, including staging, show, sell, close and other important steps in the process, ensuring you get top dollar for your real estate.

Handle all of your estate services in Sunrise, Florida under one roof with the complete home and estate liquidation staff at B & F Estate Sales. Contact us at 954-401-2222 today to make an appointment.