Attic Clutter Could Land you some Fine Scratch

Don’t throw out that old toy collection without taking a close look at it first… a very close look. When it comes time to clean house, you may feel the motivation to trash all of it. But what you find in your attic or basement could be literally worth thousands of dollars.

Just like recognizing a valuable first book edition, recognizing a valuable collectible action figure- what you may refer to as a toy- takes a trained eye. There are certain lines of what were originally billed as children’s toys you want to pay extra special attention to.

An original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in its original packaging will also get you quite the hefty dollar of close to $2,000. But if you were like most of the world and actually took yours out of the box to play it, don’t fear; a working, clean, intact NES could still get you around $500.

So valuable thanks to the limited number of copies released, the first Spiderman comic released in 1962 is worth way more than the price displayed on its cover; about $40,000 more. Featuring “2 Great Feature Length Spiderman Thrillers,” if you have this comic, you possess to of the most expensive comic book stories ever written.

Buried treasure still exists, even if it is buried beneath old boxes and crates with an inch thick coating of dust. Not having a trained expert look at your old toys before putting them at the curb could be costing you literally thousands and thousands of dollars. In the name of potential substantial financial profit and your own peace of mind, have your potential collectibles professionally appraised. Who would have thought buying this stuff for your kids back in the 80’s would ever pay off?